Style Series: Wedding Season Spring/Summer 2020 Accessories

Viktor & Ralph Bridal Spring 2020

Viktor & Ralph, Bridal Spring 2020

We’re all about the series over here! As a follow up to our last blog post series, “It’s Easy Being Green: Cloth Diapering for the Busy Parent”, we would like to welcome you to our next blog series, simply titled: Style Series. Today’s topic? Wedding Season Trends for the upcoming Spring & Summer of 2020. Brides typically start planning their weddings about 1 year out, so we’re readily looking ahead at the upcoming trends and sharing our top trend predictions that are making their way into our hearts.

As this upcoming wedding season trend forecast tells, it’s all in the details! Both in streetwear and on the runway, designers have been playing with nostalgic, light-hearted pieces. These trends are now transitioning into upcoming wedding seasons. Think of summer vacay with just a hint of party glamour as the driving force. Fantastical florals being the ruling trend. 

Maximalism is overtaking the previous popularity of minimalism, at least as far as accessories go. We’re seeing playful pieces of embellishments and wild proportions. Accessories are the highlight of the look. Not to worry, minimalism in the element of sustainability isn’t going anywhere. In fact, more and more designers are reusing materials and fabrics. According to Trend Forecasting site, WGSN, the Spring Summer Wedding season of 2020 will be inspired by “over-the-top aesthetic and kitschy embellishments”. Ana Correa, Associate Editor 

Have you noticed a vintage aesthetic among new handbags lately? Because it’s a thing. Be prepared to see more vanity case styled pieces in multi-styling varieties. As well, expect to see a continuation of the embellished hair clip trend. Barrettes, multi-toned bobby pin sets, and beading details will create a soft, romantic touch. Feeling courageous? Rock an entire embellished headpiece. Finally, more maximalism. Corsage belting. Designers such as Marc Jacobs are using these statement pieces. A corsage belt may be styled as a more subtle same-hued wrap, or bolder, as a different color entirely to draw attention. 


For the bold bride:

-Decorative Collars! A touch more dramatic than a statement necklace, these are truly a new maximalist piece to have all eyes on you. Select one with pearl or crystal elements for a more classic feel. Seen on Miu Miu and Dior Runways.

For the ultra-feminine bride:

-Dramatic yet dainty floral earrings. This is taking the vintage aesthetic route, make it new with oversized shapes or unique, recycled materials. Everyone will see you like the feminine, fashion-forward bride you are! 

For the romantic bride: 

-Try the corsage belt or make it a brooch! The element of florals will be incredibly strong, with this variation of the trend you can make it a much softer look. Look for a silky material to make it glamorous.

Think these trends are just for the bride? Think again! Feel welcome to be dressed adorning these trends as a guest this upcoming wedding season.

As for the trendiest of all brides, you can now incorporate these upcoming trends into your own personalized wedding invitation designs!

Candace Ryan